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Vibrational Healing? All sounds a bit weird to me...

Although I have explained a bit about my holistic healing on my website I really need to explain a little bit more about it- I really call myself a vibrational healer but the term may put people off for those who aren't open to complementary medicine and think of a completely different connotation, so I stick to holistic healer.

The science behind vibrational healing is incredibly interesting. It can be explained simply through physics, and that's what I love about it. As a trained nurse I like to be able to put a rationale behind what I'm doing- not just accepting things are because, well, they are.

If I can take you back to your school days, a physics class:

We are made up of lots of tiny molecules. Atoms with a positive and negative charge. Every atom vibrates at a certain level, they all have their optimum 'buzz'. And of course we are just a huge collection of atoms walking around, doing our thing. This vibrational is called Quantum Physics.

Right now, zoom out and imagine walking past a really smell fire your natural reaction is to hold your breath and maybe screw up your eyes isn't it? What happens if you breathe some smoke in? Well most of the time on a we carry on and just say "that smells awful", sometimes on a physical level our lungs might cough or wheeze. But on an atomic level that smell will make the atoms' vibration lower and vibrate at a different level to their normal happy selves.

The way the atoms vibrate can be altered by all manner of things- everything really- either in a good, indifferent or bad way. Imagine an argument with someone, or a near miss in a car, a sad or happy event- everything has an impact. And sometimes these experiences stay locked in our bodies and we can't remove them- they are memories and emotions, but memories and emotions etched onto our atoms. This in turn can sometimes cause various symptoms or feeling unwell.

We can't control all the things that we are exposed to but we can help reverse the affects. During consultations I often see clients who have think I need to address something specific but when I begin muscle testing them I find that the thing that is holding them back is a past experience which they cannot let go of- not only on a memory level but a deep rooted cellular level. It is not only fascinating but amazing seeing how "mending" these experiences can give way to a positive outcome in the present day.

I look at it rather like having a small stone in our shoe. We can walk around with it for ages, it sometimes causes discomfort but not all the time- and sometimes it's really uncomfortable. So with my clients I try to remove the shoe and then the stone- at the same time whilst the shoe and sock is off I will soothe the foot and perhaps change the sock and then put everything back on. Then walking is comfortable- the memory of the stone is still there but it doesn't cause the pain any more.

So, quantum physics? I would encourage you to read about it, it is an amazing subject and relevant to us all.

Much love,


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